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MagFan quite simply is the most efficient wall fan on the world market.

In a direct comparison against leading suppliers, MagFan offers at least 70% lower energy consumption at equivalent flow rates. With its variable speed drive, MagFan starts slowly and quietly and accelerates to the requested speed. It can move 36,000 cfm of air with near silent operation while pulling only 3.5 amps of current. Its stackable components offer safe, ultra-compact shipping, and the fan’s simplistic design and rugged construction make it the simplest to install, easiest to run fan available. The unit is totally corrosion-resistant and requires no maintenance, with an estimated service life of 100,000+ hrs. Especially where energy is a limited resource and high capacity, high flow rates and high pressure are needed, MagFan is the answer. DACS has won the Danish award for Sustainable Products with MagFan.